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Welcome to GESSAL

Since its creation in 1987, Gessal has developed its professional activity as a consultancy company specialized in geological and geophysical research, drilling services and engineering projects, consolidating its position in the oil and gas industry. Our policy of innovation and development, as well as the experience we have gained, have enabled us to objectively carry out independent studies with great technical quality. More than 40 professionals make up a multidisciplinary team with technical capability to carry out integrated projects. Gessal provides the customer with a team consisting of highly qualified professionals.

Professional Activities

Gessal is a consultancy company made up of a professional group comprising mainly geologists, geophysicists and engineers, as well as in engineering activities in the field of Oil & Gas industry.

Its activities are focused in the following lines of work: Drilling Engineering, Geosciences and Engineering Services.

Professional Services

  • Geosciences
  • Drilling Engineering
  • Engineering Services
  • Others
    • Hydrocarbon exploration and research.
    • Underground Gas Storage (salt caverns and deep aquifers).
    • Geological repositories for high level radioactive waste.
    • Underground CO₂ Storage.
    • Mining resources exploration.
    • Deep Hydrogeology and geological Infrastructure.
    • Geothermal energy.
    • Digitizing, vectorization, database management of geological and geophysical information (E & P).
  • Gessal´s scope is focussed on engineering and it offers high quality professional employees who are engaged in the following areas:
    • Drilling/Workover Engineer.
    • Drilling/Workover Superintendent.
    • Electrician Superintendent.
    • Drilling/Workover Supervisor.
    • Logistic and Warehouse Superintendent/Supervisor.
    • Well Testing Superintendent/Supervisor.
    • Mud logger Superintendent/Supervisor.
    • Well geologist.
  • The services we are able to provide our customers cover any need in the field of engineering
    • Conceptual Engineering
    • Basic Engineering
    • Detail Engineering
  • Gessal serve as specific technical assistance:
    • SAP Assistant
    • Cost Controller Manager/Technician
    • HSE Supervisor
    • Purchase and Contracts Technician
    • Logistic Technician
    • General Services Technician
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